2022 AB Reflection

We’ve had so many beautiful experiences in 2022 as a team supporting local small businesses and charities around the world. 


Employee Experiences & Team Bonding

In July, our team went to Portsmouth, NH and took a paddle board yoga class with Amber from Seavasanna. We all agreed it was one of the most fun days we’ve ever had!

In August, we supported a local beauty apprenticeship program by getting our hair and makeup done for our team photoshoot at Posh Photo in Manchester, NH! We enjoyed getting glammed up, taking some professional photos and enjoying eachothers company.

In September we enjoyed a sound healing experience right in our office with Chetana. It was so nice to turn the computers off at 5pm, crawl onto the mat, dim the lights and relax to her sound bowl healing and guided meditation. 

In October, the team went to New London, NH for a forest bathing experience with Belinda from Hummingbird Research Coaching Consulting. We all shared so many profound and beautiful realizations and enjoyed taking some time away in the woods for reflection and tranquility. 


Giving Back to Those in Need


Along with our team bonding experiences through supporting small businesses, we also enjoyed donating to charities and organizations around the world. 


At the start of the year, we felt called to support charities to help Ukrainians so we donated to Network for Animals, who provided food, rescue and vet support to the animals left behind and to World Central Kitchen, who provided nutritionally balanced meals to people in need.


A few months later we discovered that our local NHSPCA was doing a “paws walk” on June 5th! We donated to this charity event and as thanks, they set us up with a vendor booth at the walk! We had SO much fun networking with locals, supporting small businesses and the SPCA and of course, hanging with all the pooches! Our team brought their dogs too!


In September, the NH Herbal Network hosted a Herbal Harvest Thyme event with workshops and activities to spread the wisdom of nature’s power to heal. We were happy to give back to a local organization of herbalists and herbal businesses doing good in the community. 


Our amazing CSR Kristine is located in Florida, and when hurricane Ian hit in October, we felt called to give back. We wanted to give back to multiple types of organizations; people, pets, volunteers, etc, so we were blessed to be able to donate to Team Rubicon, Operation BBQ Relief, Humane Society Naples, Florida Disaster Fund, and Direct Relief


During our office Christmas party, our team will be collecting food items to be donated to the local food pantry. 


I want to take this opportunity to thank you, our members, for making this all possible and helping us to spread love into the world around us. 


With so much gratitude,

Katie Henderson

Co-Owner & CEO