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Cosmetologist insuranceGet instant cosmetologist insurance from Alternative Balance. We make it easy for you to protect the investment you made in yourself. You have received specialized education and training to provide your clients with a wide variety of hair and beauty needs. Your training helps you stay safety-conscious about your clients’ experience at your salon to ensure they have a good experience.

Unfortunately, even the most safety-conscious professional lash technicians can have incidents with clients. Cosmetologist liability insurance can protect your finances and your business if a client gets hurt, for example allergic reactions to products you use, cuts from making sudden movements while you’re performing your service and slips and falls in your salon. We cover hair stylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, barbers, lash extensions and more!

We even include insurance for estheticians, which is especially useful for those of you who offer multiple services. Your Alternative Balance membership includes eyebrow and upper lip waxing insurance, hair coloring insurance and manicure & pedicure insurance! Even if you work in multiple locations, have a home salon or go to your clients’ homes to work, we cover you there too – anywhere in the world.

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Why choose AB

Why choose Alternative Balance Professional Group?

  • Affordable & Flexible - instant general and professional liability (GL/PL, E&O) insurance coverage for over 500 professional trades all for one low price! To see a complete list of coverages and rates, visit our Coverage & Pricing page.
  • 4.9/5 Satisfaction Rating - join over 10K satisfied, like-minded individuals who have chosen to trust ABPG to help them build their business.
  • Worldwide Coverage - You are covered everywhere you provide your service. Our coverage allows you to serve clients online and around the globe in addition to any local clients.
  • ABPG Membership - provides specific resources to grow and strengthen your education and business. Login 24/7 to access marketing tools, business templates, social and billing resources, additional insurance plans, discounts with partnering companies and more!
  • Get Featured - We are excited to showcase our members and their work through our "Get Featured" member benefit!

What coverage is included in my cosmetologist insurance?

Our insurance for cosmetologists includes professional and general liability, defense costs, premises liability and much more. This program is available to full-time workers, part-time workers and trainees and even salon owners/employers. To see a full list of coverage provided, please see our Coverages page. Also check out our list of state regulations for cosmetologists!

We also offer an employer-level membership, which includes cosmetology insurance for you and your employees. Check out our Employer coverage level for more information.

Beauty Examples

What if??

Wondering what kind of claims could be covered by beauty insurance? We've got some examples to make it easy.

  • General Liability: Chair breaks, customer falls and breaks their arm.
  • Professional Liability: A client sues you because they claim that you ruined their hair when applying color, and they can’t go to work because of their appearance, meaning they are losing out on pay.
  • Damage to Premises Rented: The sink gets clogged while washing someones hair and overflows, damaging the floor in your rented space and the ceiling below.
Note: These are just examples. Your claims adjuster will have the final say in coverage and payouts.

We can help protect your business

With the Alternative Balance Professional Group, you can relax and focus on your business. You won’t find a cosmetologist liability insurance policy like this anywhere else! But we don’t stop there. When you join Alternative Balance, you get business tools to help grow your business, a community of like-minded people in the industry, personal service from our amazing customer service department, exclusive discounts on industry tools and services and much more. We also provide free liability waivers and client intake forms to help you manage your risk.

Check out our Cosmetology Insurance Guide for answers to common cosmetology insurance questions.

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Cosmetologist Insurance


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We offer more than just insurance. Our membership benefits include discounts on health & dental insurance, form templates to help you run your business and tools to manage your websites, marketing and more!

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