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Aquatic exercise, or water aerobics, is a form of exercise performed in shallow water that is usually only waist or chest deep, most often in a swimming pool. Because of the natural properties of water against movement, water aerobics is considered a type of resistance training. The largest benefit to aqua aerobics is its low impact nature. The water supports the body and prevents pressure on joints that may be injured, healing, or sensitive. Many elderly clients can benefit highly from water aerobics, as it can allow them to perform a fuller range of motion than they would out of the water.

Why do you need insurance?

When it comes to water use in activities, the main concern is drowning. Participation in water fitness does not require a participant to be a good swimmer, but careful watch needs to be held when hosting or teaching a water class. That’s why having insurance like our program is important in protecting you and your clients, as well as the facility in which you teach. Our online application allows you to customize your coverage to include special consideration for water-based fitness instruction.

What are the insurance details?

Often when you provide your service at a location that someone else owns, such as a gym, school or at training facilities, they will not protect you and will require you to have your own professional liability insurance. There’s no need for the policy to be expensive – we know you can appreciate saving money! Our low-cost options can also be customized for your work schedule, part-time or full-time, or even while you’re training to instruct a specific style of exercise (with our student policy). Visit our Coverage page for more specific information about the types of coverage included in our plan.

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