Liability Insurance for Naturopathic Consultants

As a Naturopathic Consulting Professional, you utilize herbs, vitamins, lifestyle, and natural substances and techniques to help your clients improve their health and learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You understand how an individual can use their body’s natural processes to fight conditions like obesity and illnesses. Although there are degrees and certifications that help build your credibility, that doesn’t stop someone who has a bad reaction to a recommended treatment or method from coming back to sue you for malpractice.

What can insurance do to help?

Naturopathic Consulting covers a wide range of services, including flower remedies, ayurveda, food energetics, iridiology, healthy cooking, nutrition and much more. Many wellness liability insurance policies will only cover a few services. Our policy covers all of those and over 500 more on one policy. Have peace of mind with Alternative Balance Professional Group’s Naturopathic Consulting insurance policy. With coverage including general and professional liability, medical expenses, products & completed operations and more, our program is the fit you have been looking for.

What coverage is included?

Visit our Coverage page for more specific information about the types of coverage included in our naturopathic consulting liability insurance plan.

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