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Texans are proud of their state and Texan food traditions – some of which aren’t necessarily the healthiest! But nutritionists and nutritional consultants in TX can have a significant impact on everyone from young to old while retaining the love for southern food traditions. From Galveston to the Panhandle, food is everywhere in Texas. Strong traditions like crawfish boils and waiting in line for great barbecue don’t mean that Texans can’t eat healthy. Putting together a realistic, comprehensive nutrition plan that will be part of your clients’ daily lives for many years to come takes a special understanding of the Texas environment, local foods, events, fitness and overall wellbeing. Texas always has great local food available and some tasty dishes that can be modified to fit your clients’ lifestyles. Just like complete nutrition is important for our bodily health, complete nutrition liability insurance is a large part of your business's health.

Nutrition insurance in TX goes beyond barbecue and rodeos. Many Texans enjoy boating on the lakes and exploring walkable cities like San Antonio and Austin. You might especially need liability insurance if you’re expecting to get Texans away from their sweet tea and Frito Pies – them’s fightin’ words! And don’t get started on the delicious dangers of Whataburger. Those burgers are here to stay! All jokes aside, in the end, your nutrition clients will thank you for helping them eat better and stay healthy so that they can enjoy those family gatherings for many years to come.

Alternative Balance makes it easy to get the right TX nutritionist coverage for the best price. When it comes to nutrition insurance in TX, you want to ensure you’re covered for general liability and professional liability, personal & advertising injury and worldwide coverage that allows you to serve clients online and around the globe in addition to any local clients. So saddle up, take your annual bluebonnet photos and join Alternative Balance today!


One of the main benefits of insurance for nutritionists in TX is the defense costs coverage. This is a significant reason to have the right professional liability for your nutrition business. Defense costs coverage takes the burden off your pocketbook if you are sued or have a claim. Instead of having to shoulder the costs of attorney fees and court costs, you can have a high-quality insurance company by your side.

Nutritionist insurance in TX also includes professional liability, general liability, damage to premises rented, personal & advertising injury, and more. For details, visit our Coverage & Pricing page.


Even the most responsible and experienced nutrition consultants, nutritionists, and nutrition therapists can experience a malpractice claim or licensing board complaint. With the Alternative Balance Professional Group, you can rest assured that we have chosen the most solid A+ rated carrier for your work. Our partners are thoroughly reviewed and carefully selected to provide our members with the best nutrition insurance possible. Your Alternative Balance nutritionist membership also comes with liability waiver templates, client intake forms, exclusive discounts on business tools, and of course the best online nutrition insurance.

Your policy will include general & professional liability, damage to premises rented and much more. We also offer optional Cyber Liability, which protects your business in the event of a cyber attack or hack. For more information on why this coverage is important for your business, read our Cyber Liability Insurance White PaperSexual Abuse Liability is also available as an optional coverage. To see a list of coverage provided with your insurance policy, please see our Coverages page.

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  • Affordable & Flexible - instant general and professional liability (GL/PL, E&O) insurance coverage for over 500 professional trades all for one low price! To see a complete list of coverages and rates, visit our Coverage & Pricing page.
  • 4.9/5 Satisfaction Rating - join over 10K satisfied, like-minded individuals who have chosen to trust ABPG to help them build their business.
  • Worldwide Coverage - You are covered everywhere you provide your service. Our coverage allows you to serve clients online and around the globe in addition to any local clients.
  • ABPG Membership - provides specific resources to grow and strengthen your education and business. Login 24/7 to access marketing tools, business templates, social and billing resources, additional insurance plans, discounts with partnering companies and more!
  • Get Featured - We are excited to showcase our members and their work through our "Get Featured" member benefit!

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