Protect yourself and your business with pole fitness liability insurance from Alternative Balance Professional Group. Membership includes business tools to help you grow your business. As a pole fitness instructor you have worked hard to establish yourself ethically and professionally with your clients but we understand it only takes one lawsuit to stop your passion in the industry and your ability to work. Any type of fitness activity has its risks. Pole fitness instruction is no exception, and can carry some extra risks associated with skin irritation, muscle strain and more. Anyone who becomes injured could bring a lawsuit against you or your business. While many of these may not result in payouts to the damaged party, legal bills can be expensive. Alternative Balance provides a comprehensive policy plan to protect your interests and stand by your side.

What coverage is included in my pole fitness LIABILITY insurance?

Visit our Coverage page for more specific information about the types of coverage included in our plan.

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Our service plans provide insurance coverage for over 750+ professional trades in the fields of beauty, fitness, bodywork, massage and wellness. We also offer optional coverage for Sexual Abuse Liability and Cyber Liability.

Another great benefit of Alternative Balance professional and general liability insurance is that we cover you no matter where you perform your service. Your health, beauty and wellness insurance coverage is as mobile as your work, whether you work in your own studio, a clinic, spa, gym or at a special event overseas!

FAQ and Member Benefits General

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Member Benefits

We offer more than just insurance. Our membership benefits include discounts on health & dental insurance, form templates to help you run your business and tools to manage your websites, marketing and more!

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