Liability Insurance Designed Just for Nutritional Consultants

Nutritional Coaches are often required to have professional liability insurance, but having insurance goes beyond just being required to have it. Fitness and wellness coaches or consultants hold a lot of a person’s health in their hands, leaving them open to lawsuits and other threats to business. Clients may sue for things like libel, slander, wrongful invasion of privacy, or bodily injury. Having the right kind of insurance policy can prevent destruction of the business you have trained so hard to provide.

How do I protect my nutrition consulting business?

The Alternative Balance Professional Group has partnered with an A+ rated carrier to bring you nutrition coach liability insurance that you can count on. Simply having experience or certifications does not deter someone who wants to sue you. Litigation can be brought against any nutrition coach or consultant no matter how many years you have been in practice – accidents can happen! Our one-of-a-kind policy includes professional and general liability, defense costs, premises liability, products & completed operations and more!

What coverage is included in my liability insurance?

Visit our Coverage page for more specific information about the types of coverage included in our plan.

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We offer more than just insurance. Our membership benefits include discounts on health & dental insurance, form templates to help you run your business and tools to manage your websites, marketing and more!

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