Sexual Abuse Liability Insurance

Sexual Abuse Liability Insurance Coverage Now Available!

Many touch therapies have a big risk of being accused of sexual abuse or molestation. Your innocence doesn’t protect you from a lawsuit or accusation, and that’s where our Sexual Abuse Liability Protection Package option comes into play. You can perform your work with confidence knowing that you are protected from one of the most common insurance claims out there.

What therapies should get this package?

We highly recommend that anyone who provides a touch therapy include this package in your liability coverage. This includes massage therapy, makeup artists, reiki practitioners, yoga and pilates instructors, and even personal trainers. Read more about why this coverage is important in our Sexual Abuse Liability Insurance White Paper.

How does this fit in with the general and professional liability?

General & professional liability coverages protect you from lawsuits and damages arising out of the normal duties of your work. Sexual abuse and molestation are illegal acts and are not a part of your normal business. Therefore, most insurance policies exclude any coverage for these incidents. With a special added protection package like ours, you can choose to fill that gap.

**NOTE: This coverage is an endorsement to the general & professional liability — it cannot be purchased on its own.

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